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The SXSW Mario Trailer is ALIVE!

Awwwwlright, so, SXSW has finally released the bumper-promos we helped produce with that crazy/sexy/cool pal of ours and bad ass director, Joe Nicolosi. One of them (the “Mario Mumblecore Trailer” we posted about previously and previously-er) is on fire on, in and around the internet today.

It was a pleasure working with Joe on these lil guys, I’m so pleased they came out so well. Joe Nicolosi is a maniac, but an extremely talented one, so when he came up to me and said (roughly) “hey, dude, wanna help me produce FIVE bumpers for SXSW in less than a month?”, it was not hard for me to not slap him in the face. Not only did I not slap him, I told him “Sure, man, sounds fun…you motherfucker!” That’s pretty much how it went down except for the “motherfucker” part – I just added that for dramatic effect.

Anyway, here are the bumpers. The first one is “Mario”. The second one is “Constellations” (which I actually didn’t get to do entirely too much producing on, but Trey did work as gaffer on it, and lit it purty nicely, like he do. Like he done do all the time).

EDIT: I’d also like to do a shout out to Mario and Luigi – Clay Crenshaw and Jason Newman, respectively – whose acting on the Mario Mumblecore Trailer was, in all sincerity, glorious. They both did such an excellent job. I can’t imagine that it’s easy to display that kind of real emotion and drama for the sake of some nerdy filmmakers trying to make a joke. And to think, Clay is actually a Graphic Designer/Artist by profession. Jason Newman can be seen in the lead role of the upcoming comedy from Pepper Island Films, The Man From Orlando, (which looks so great, by the way, check out their website).

hope you enjoyed those. If you didn’t, you’re probably my older brother, Travis. Fuck you, Travis, get off my back!


Back to the Future LIVE and in Cardboard

Last night, immediately after watching a SXSW screening of Joseph Kahn’s “Detention” at the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar, I walked about 400 feet over to Highball and – mind you, my comedy-geek ass has no qualms about saying this – saw the funniest fucking show I have seen in a long time. Twasn’t a movie (necessarily) and it twasn’t just a comedy show (exactly), but rather was Back to the Future: LIVE. The title says it all. It’s the movie Back to the Future, but Live and on-stage and most definitely all up in your greasy lil face.

The production, put on by The Old Murder House Theatre comedy team and starring a fellow filmmaker buddy of ours, Kirk Johnson of Beef & Sage, set out to recreate the first Back to the Future movie with what I’m guessing (liberally) was a budget of $100. How does one recreate Back to the Future (quite literally almost line-for-goddamn-line) with a budget like that? With Cardboard and some finely-tuned comedy chops, my dudes, that’s how.

Sure, that idea is one of those “sounds pretty funny, I guess” ideas, but like anything else, it’s all in the execution. It’s all in the way that Marty and George McFly’s mannerisms are so spot-on, but how Lorraine’s are intentionally NOT. I really want to say more about it, but I don’t want to give anything away like some kind of spoiler ass asshole.

I’ll just say this: I laughed so hard, and so often, that I not only found myself dizzy after the show, but on the drive home I also got to enjoy that delirious kind of buzz you get when you’re 13 years old and hanging out with your funniest, most moronic of friends. That’s the best way I can describe it. The kind of night when everyone and everything is hilarious, your ribs ache from laughing, your brain turns to slop from too much/too little oxygen, and all is right with the world – cus you’re 13 years old, your friend’s impression of Doc Brown is so god damn insanely funny and you just don’t give a shit bout nuthin’.

Anyway, I don’t normally write “reviews” or put the word “reviews” in “quotes” (or make quote-jokes), but as one could probably tell, I did enjoy this show immensely. So much so that I woke up today and had to write about it. Please go see this thing and keep a look out for further Old Murder House productions (I’m now really pissed at myself for missing their Die Hard meets Home Alone mash-up thing back in December). They have one more showing of Back to the Future: LIVE, next Monday, March 21st at Highball.

Back To The Future Live was created by and stars:
Kirk Johnson, Sam Eidson, Byron Brown, Josh Jones, and Nate Sakulich.

1.21 gigglewatts,


p.s. also, do be sure to check out more of Kirk Johnson and Will Elliott’s Beef & Sage film stuff, we like those cracker ass honkies: http://vimeo.com/beefandsage

SXSWhaaaa?: Making Props for Tomorrow, Today.

telephone call between me and Friend:

  • Friend: What’s up, dude? What’re you up to?
  • Carlos: Not much, working with Trey on some SXSW stuff again.
  • Friend: You’re shooting right now?
  • Carlos: No, I’m working on…I’m LITERALLY working on SXSW.
  • Friend: What the fuck does that even mean?
  • Carlos: I’ll send you a picture.
  • Friend: Naw, that’s cool, just wanted to see if you were hungry.
  • Carlos: Oh, we just ate, actually.
  • Friend: Fine, fuck you.
  • Carlos: Call you later.
  • Friend: Cool.

—Anyway, here are the pics I was talking to Friend about. That is Trey’s “Look at me, Dad!” face.

This was made from the logo SXSW is using this year. We have a SXSW video shoot in a couple of days with Joe Nicolosi again, and were asked to design some lettering that either looked like metal or was in fact metal, but were only given a $40 art budget. So, we went to Home Depot, bought some Foam Insulation Sheets, wood glue, hack-saw blades, latex primer, and metallic-“hammered”-silver spray paint for $40.53. This means that SXSW owes Trey two quarters and me three pennies…the mother fuckers. (Just kidding, thanks for the badges, SXSW. Love you, thanks for reading our blog in my head)

We glued the sheets together, measured out our letter sizes and carved them out with the hack-saw blades (with makeshift duct-tape handles). Then we sanded them down, and primed and painted them bitches. Seriously, foam insulation sheets are the way to go, bros. They’re light, sturdy, relatively easy to carve/sculpt and they’re cheap.

Next step is to shoot these on video, see how they look. We’ll post the video up soon.

hearts y’all,


Plumber Man and the Super Brothers Game/Movie

Hi. I really want to tell you about this project we’ve been shooting with our pal Joe Nicolosi, but I know that Joe, being the director, might get a little peeved if we reveal too much before it’s done. Sometimes Joe can be kinda, you know, sorta violent. But not like in a bad…wait…shh…did you hear…shh…hold on a sec. Okay, I’m back, I thought I heard Joe talking. He really does love me, you just have to get to know him, he’s really a nice guy most of the time. What? I really don’t need this shit from you right now. You’re just jealous, you’re just jealous! Of what? Of what me and Joe got. You and momma and them, y’all are just jealous of what we got. It kills you, doesn’t it? To see us, away from…shh, hold on. Be quiet…is that…never mind, thought I heard Joe talking again.

Anyway, all I’ll say about this project is that it involves an Italian guy and he has a taller brother named Luigi and they’re both super. It’s gonna be really funny and we’ve got some excellent shots so far. We will definitely post a link to the finished video once Joe provides us with one. Here’s a few shitty pics I took with my mobile phone from Apple Computers or “iPhone” (short for “interesting telephone“) while shooting at my house.

(notice Trey’s crazy lighting set-up he rigged off of my ceiling fan)

Trey (pictured Right Foreground) judges the poor quality of practical lighting in my house.

SXYM (South By Your Mom)

BOF Hanging out downtown under a Red River bridge. It was noisome. That’s us: braving transient excrement for the sake of expanding your vocabulary.

Joe Nicolosi on the left directing one of the upcoming SXSW 2011 promo bumpers. If you go to enough SXSW showings you’ll see them all! For reference, here’s last years SXSW Midnight bumper.


SXSW Midnight Bumper from Joe Nicolosi on Vimeo.

Photo by Carlos