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White Denim: Ieieie!

Artist: White Denim (myspace.com/​bopenglish)
Track: IEIEI

a video for Texas band, White Denim. Shot by White Denim, animation by Jason Archer, edited by Jason Archer and Carlos LaRotta, for Birds on Fire (birdsonfire.com).

Before heading out on tour late 2007, Carlos gave White Denim three CVS-brand, One-use (disposable) Digital Camcorders… so that they could document their first North American tour.

The boyz from White Denim filled up all three cameras with a mess of stuff, none of it being Performance footage. When they got back to Austin, White Denim gave Carlos the footage. Carlos ran over to his buddy Jason Archer’s house (of Archer$Beck fame). Carlos and Jason edited the footage together with all their might. The footage, a mess of stuff that was nowhere near being Performance related, was missing something. Jason, being the kind of guy he is, added some animation to the footage.

Then, once the video was edited together, Carlos grabbed the DVD, smashed up the place, and sprinted back to his house. There, he tried to shove the Music Video into his computer. The computer, perhaps not liking things literally shoved into it, did not operate correctly.

So, Carlos decided to wash out the computer with soap and water. This did NOT work because something (probably the Music Video itself) fried and broke the computer.

Carlos quickly ran down the street and found someone else’s computer just lying around behind their inconveniently locked doors. He then found Vimeo online, and shoved the Music Video, electronically this time, into its databanks. To celebrate, Carlos smashed up the place real good and ran back home.

He fell asleep for four days, and woke up a REAL man.