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New White Denim “Drug” Video!

So, one could argue that White Denim really likes to keep it in the family (fortunately). Having gone to college and being buddies with Jimmy from WD, we were able to convince them to let us do a few music videos for them back when Birds On Fire Films was first forming – more as a favor to us, as we really needed some work under our belt. Then, a few years later, our sister production company, Alonestar Films, also more college friends of ours and WD, got a chance to make this video for White D: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFRyd_Up7tY

And now, another group of filmmakers formed out of friends of ours from our college days got to make this new video for White Denim’s “Drug”, off their new album “D”. And I have to say, it is THE music video White Denim has always deserved (from their pals, at least – British Director, Tom Haines, has done some incredible videos for White Denim). It’s an amazing work of art, and I hope you enjoy. Much respect and love to Michael Hammett and Aaron Weiss and Bobby Weiss (By the way, these dudes are all cousins! Crazy.)

White Denim: Ieieie!

Artist: White Denim (myspace.com/​bopenglish)
Track: IEIEI

a video for Texas band, White Denim. Shot by White Denim, animation by Jason Archer, edited by Jason Archer and Carlos LaRotta, for Birds on Fire (birdsonfire.com).

Before heading out on tour late 2007, Carlos gave White Denim three CVS-brand, One-use (disposable) Digital Camcorders… so that they could document their first North American tour.

The boyz from White Denim filled up all three cameras with a mess of stuff, none of it being Performance footage. When they got back to Austin, White Denim gave Carlos the footage. Carlos ran over to his buddy Jason Archer’s house (of Archer$Beck fame). Carlos and Jason edited the footage together with all their might. The footage, a mess of stuff that was nowhere near being Performance related, was missing something. Jason, being the kind of guy he is, added some animation to the footage.

Then, once the video was edited together, Carlos grabbed the DVD, smashed up the place, and sprinted back to his house. There, he tried to shove the Music Video into his computer. The computer, perhaps not liking things literally shoved into it, did not operate correctly.

So, Carlos decided to wash out the computer with soap and water. This did NOT work because something (probably the Music Video itself) fried and broke the computer.

Carlos quickly ran down the street and found someone else’s computer just lying around behind their inconveniently locked doors. He then found Vimeo online, and shoved the Music Video, electronically this time, into its databanks. To celebrate, Carlos smashed up the place real good and ran back home.

He fell asleep for four days, and woke up a REAL man.

When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth

ARTIST: When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth, TRACK: “It’s Not The Heat, It’s The Humidity” (myspace.com/​lildinos) DIRECTED/ART DIRECTION by Carlos LaRotta, SHOT/EDITED by Trey Cartwright (birdsonfire.com)

A Music Video for Austin Texas band, When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth. We shot this at The Salvage Vanguard theatre with 7:4 band member to crew member ratio. Carlos really messed up his wrist when we shot, on September 26th 2007, and it still hurts to this day.

If you like MTV’s 1993 taping of Nirvana Unplugged, chances are you will most definitely hate or love this video, whatever the difference may be. If you feel indifferent about Nirvana’s Unplugged session, or are too young to appreciate the reference, there is a high possibility that this video will give you an extremely vague sensation brushing past your emotional spectrum. If you like music videos in general, then watch the shit out of this one…for it is a music video, and it is for a very cool band, When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth (myspace.com/​lildinos)