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The SXSW Mario Trailer is ALIVE!

Awwwwlright, so, SXSW has finally released the bumper-promos we helped produce with that crazy/sexy/cool pal of ours and bad ass director, Joe Nicolosi. One of them (the “Mario Mumblecore Trailer” we posted about previously and previously-er) is on fire on, in and around the internet today.

It was a pleasure working with Joe on these lil guys, I’m so pleased they came out so well. Joe Nicolosi is a maniac, but an extremely talented one, so when he came up to me and said (roughly) “hey, dude, wanna help me produce FIVE bumpers for SXSW in less than a month?”, it was not hard for me to not slap him in the face. Not only did I not slap him, I told him “Sure, man, sounds fun…you motherfucker!” That’s pretty much how it went down except for the “motherfucker” part – I just added that for dramatic effect.

Anyway, here are the bumpers. The first one is “Mario”. The second one is “Constellations” (which I actually didn’t get to do entirely too much producing on, but Trey did work as gaffer on it, and lit it purty nicely, like he do. Like he done do all the time).

EDIT: I’d also like to do a shout out to Mario and Luigi – Clay Crenshaw and Jason Newman, respectively – whose acting on the Mario Mumblecore Trailer was, in all sincerity, glorious. They both did such an excellent job. I can’t imagine that it’s easy to display that kind of real emotion and drama for the sake of some nerdy filmmakers trying to make a joke. And to think, Clay is actually a Graphic Designer/Artist by profession. Jason Newman can be seen in the lead role of the upcoming comedy from Pepper Island Films, The Man From Orlando, (which looks so great, by the way, check out their website).

hope you enjoyed those. If you didn’t, you’re probably my older brother, Travis. Fuck you, Travis, get off my back!