Joe Lansdale’s Severed Head

Word from my old college buddy Ira Shiflet is that the Stephen F. Austin Summer Feature program is going to be producing a film based on a Joe R. Lansdale short story.

Since I’m a Lansdale comic fan from my younger days it’s pretty exciting for me to hear of him teaming up with my alma mater film program.

The film is called Christmas with the Dead. Slated to shoot summer 2011. I’m sure it will be full of Lansdale’s inspired brand of macabre humor. And probably full of blood/guts too.

Best of luck to director Brian James Fitzpatrick and all the cast and crew. Hope you guys learn a lot and make something really special.

Joe R. Lansdale's sentient severed head


SXSWhaaaa?: Making Props for Tomorrow, Today.

telephone call between me and Friend:

  • Friend: What’s up, dude? What’re you up to?
  • Carlos: Not much, working with Trey on some SXSW stuff again.
  • Friend: You’re shooting right now?
  • Carlos: No, I’m working on…I’m LITERALLY working on SXSW.
  • Friend: What the fuck does that even mean?
  • Carlos: I’ll send you a picture.
  • Friend: Naw, that’s cool, just wanted to see if you were hungry.
  • Carlos: Oh, we just ate, actually.
  • Friend: Fine, fuck you.
  • Carlos: Call you later.
  • Friend: Cool.

—Anyway, here are the pics I was talking to Friend about. That is Trey’s “Look at me, Dad!” face.

This was made from the logo SXSW is using this year. We have a SXSW video shoot in a couple of days with Joe Nicolosi again, and were asked to design some lettering that either looked like metal or was in fact metal, but were only given a $40 art budget. So, we went to Home Depot, bought some Foam Insulation Sheets, wood glue, hack-saw blades, latex primer, and metallic-“hammered”-silver spray paint for $40.53. This means that SXSW owes Trey two quarters and me three pennies…the mother fuckers. (Just kidding, thanks for the badges, SXSW. Love you, thanks for reading our blog in my head)

We glued the sheets together, measured out our letter sizes and carved them out with the hack-saw blades (with makeshift duct-tape handles). Then we sanded them down, and primed and painted them bitches. Seriously, foam insulation sheets are the way to go, bros. They’re light, sturdy, relatively easy to carve/sculpt and they’re cheap.

Next step is to shoot these on video, see how they look. We’ll post the video up soon.

hearts y’all,


Plumber Man and the Super Brothers Game/Movie

Hi. I really want to tell you about this project we’ve been shooting with our pal Joe Nicolosi, but I know that Joe, being the director, might get a little peeved if we reveal too much before it’s done. Sometimes Joe can be kinda, you know, sorta violent. But not like in a bad…wait…shh…did you hear…shh…hold on a sec. Okay, I’m back, I thought I heard Joe talking. He really does love me, you just have to get to know him, he’s really a nice guy most of the time. What? I really don’t need this shit from you right now. You’re just jealous, you’re just jealous! Of what? Of what me and Joe got. You and momma and them, y’all are just jealous of what we got. It kills you, doesn’t it? To see us, away from…shh, hold on. Be quiet…is that…never mind, thought I heard Joe talking again.

Anyway, all I’ll say about this project is that it involves an Italian guy and he has a taller brother named Luigi and they’re both super. It’s gonna be really funny and we’ve got some excellent shots so far. We will definitely post a link to the finished video once Joe provides us with one. Here’s a few shitty pics I took with my mobile phone from Apple Computers or “iPhone” (short for “interesting telephone“) while shooting at my house.

(notice Trey’s crazy lighting set-up he rigged off of my ceiling fan)

Trey (pictured Right Foreground) judges the poor quality of practical lighting in my house.

SXYM (South By Your Mom)

BOF Hanging out downtown under a Red River bridge. It was noisome. That’s us: braving transient excrement for the sake of expanding your vocabulary.

Joe Nicolosi on the left directing one of the upcoming SXSW 2011 promo bumpers. If you go to enough SXSW showings you’ll see them all! For reference, here’s last years SXSW Midnight bumper.


SXSW Midnight Bumper from Joe Nicolosi on Vimeo.

Photo by Carlos

A new website, a new gun.

Hey. I’m Carlos. I am what is referred to in the Medical Community as a “Man”. Personally, I feel I’m just a dude. A dude with a quaint film production company and a new website. This website has a blog, and your eyeballs are currently pointed at it. That’s about it for now. That, and also, I just bought a gun today in celebration of our new website and my first official blog post. I will try to post in this blog as often as possible, but if you try to fuck with me and make me post more than I want to post, I will hunt you down like an animal and fire my gun into the air to show you how bad ass it is, and I won’t let you shoot it, no matter how much you whine about it.

Also, here’s an animated gif of my dog, Lenny:

Birds on Fire Show Reel

Our newest reel, featuring clips from our music videos, shorts, commercials, and some old ass feature-films of ours.

featuring the collective work of Birds-on-Fire:
Trey Cartwright – Cinematographer, Editor
Carlos LaRotta – Director, Production Design/Art/Costume
Joe Nicolosi – Director, Animator/FX

and the talents of our collaborators:
Jason Archer
Cydney Tucker
Marcus Hysmith
Nick Dicenzo
Eric Hueber

track used: “Think Niles Drink” by About, listen to more About here:​aboutabout