Bike to work day

Friday May 20, 2011, was National Bike to Work day. ┬áSince I freelance, I don’t really “commute” but I do try to ride my bike every time I have to go into downtown Austin.

Also, all the local bike shops, coffee shops and other local biz were hooking cyclists up with a li’l free continental breakfast as part of the celebration of more bikes on the roads.

I totally scammed em all cause I wasn’t actually going to work. Unless you count work as riding around to all the breakfast stops. Since I felt guilty about this deception I ended up staying on the road a lot longer than I had planned for and put in just over 50 miles of bike riding. That’s a personal record. I hadn’t done more than 30 miles before yesterday.

Along the way I snapped pics of my old Sears brand early 1990s trapper-keeperesque-splatter-paint-framed 12 speed bike in front of interesting Austin landmarks.

In Republic Square park downtown. Iconic "Frosty" the Frost Tower in background
Shot from the north side of the Texas State Capitol Building
UT fountain + The Deadly Tower starring Kurt Russel
The original Kerbey Lane Cafe on Kerbey Lane just north of 38th street
Daniel Johnston mural on the corner of Guadalupe and 21st street
Moonlight tower at Guadalupe and 9th street. The towers were constructed in 1895 for citywide illumination. Several are still standing, and they are kept in working order.
Austin City Hall
Author O. Henry's house on 5th street downtown. Also the site of the Annual Pun-Off. I sold all my puns to buy my wife a present, so I won't be attending.
Lunch stop at kebabalicious. The tastiest turkish style wraps you can find in Austin. Beef, lamb, chicken and homemade falafal.
Trailhead for Shoal Creek Trail at Lamar at 29th street.
More Shoal Creek Trail
Art installation that doubles as a giant picnic table. Seaholm Power Plant in background
Lamar bridge for bikes and pedestrians. Austin skyline and Ghost Bike
Under MoPac Expressway
Somewhere along the Barton Creek greenbelt. With enough rain, this becomes a decent swimming hole.

Breakfast Scammer Score

Free Coffee: x2

Free Bagel x1

Free Breakfast Taco x2

Free Energy Bars: a pile