White Denim: Let’s Talk About It

Big american fun time video party for musics for to listen and watch in ears plus eyes:

white denim: http://www.myspace.com/bopenglish
full time hobby records: http://www.fulltimehobby.co.uk/
birds-on-fire filmsmiths: http://www.birdsonfire.com

an official video for Austin band, White Denim. Track: “Let’s talk about it”, off the EP “Let’s talk about it” and the Full Time Hobby record, “Workout Holiday”. Directed by Carlos LaRotta, shot and edited by Trey Cartwright, both of Birds-on-Fire Films. This is a narrative about soap and mud. We tried to make it look like an old 70’s movie because we are shit-house crazy like that. It was shot in Austin, Texas…in three consecutive days in March of 2007. We ate pizza on the last day, and it was really good.