A new website, a new gun.

Hey. I’m Carlos. I am what is referred to in the Medical Community as a “Man”. Personally, I feel I’m just a dude. A dude with a quaint film production company and a new website. This website has a blog, and your eyeballs are currently pointed at it. That’s about it for now. That, and also, I just bought a gun today in celebration of our new website and my first official blog post. I will try to post in this blog as often as possible, but if you try to fuck with me and make me post more than I want to post, I will hunt you down like an animal and fire my gun into the air to show you how bad ass it is, and I won’t let you shoot it, no matter how much you whine about it.

Also, here’s an animated gif of my dog, Lenny:

One thought on “A new website, a new gun.”

  1. So, his eyes open… and then close… and then open. Crazy! The Lenster is looking very dignified these days.

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